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Old Dragon is Old

In honor of turning three dozen, I offer the following trivia to make you feel just as old as I do:

Mark Hamil is 61. Luke Skywalker is only two years younger than Obi Wan Kenobi was when Star Wars came out.

Ralph Macchio is 51. This means the Karate Kid is now the same age Mr. Miyagi was when the movie came out.

Lisa Whechel is 49. This means one of the Facts of Life girls is only two years younger than one of the Golden Girls was when it premiered.

Alex Winter is 47. Kenau Reeves is 48. Bill and Ted are only four years younger than Rufus was when Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure came out.

Whil Weaton is 40. Wesley Crusher is older than every crew member of The Enterprise except for Picard was when Star Trek the Next Generation premiered.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar is 39. Zach Morris is the same age Mr. Belding was when Saved by the Bell premiered.

The present in Back to the Future (1985) is now almost as far in the past as 1955 was when that movie came out.
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