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Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

Episode 2012: A Sticky Situation

"Quebec, called the 'Saudi Arabia of syrup' by some, produces between 70 and 80% of the world's maple syrup, most of it exported to the United States." And so it was that the syrup producers had gathered to celebrate another successful harvest (cue clip of badly animated french canadian fur trappers and lumberjacks partying next to a lake of syrup), but the party was to be short lived when Patty Larceny syrup-titiously swiped the sought after sugary sauce (giant tanker truck roars in, sucks up the whole lake, and roars off to cries of Sacrebleu!):

$30 Million Worth Of Maple Syrup Stolen In Quebec

Patty is now on the run with All the Syrup in Canada, and the pancake eaters of the world are depending on you to get it back!

Gumshoes! You mission is to arrest Patty, recover All the Syrup in Canada, and CAPTURE CARMEN SANDIEGO!
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